- Laser Metal Profiles


LMP has four Fiber Lasers to manufacture profile cut parts from a wide range of metals with high accuracy and precision cuts. Two of our fiber lasers have 60” by 120” tables and  two of our latest additions are Fiber lasers with 72” by 144” tables.


We have the capability to process Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Brass, Copper and most other materials as per our customer’s request. Offering up to one-inch thick laser cut material, with a clean / quality cut.



LMP also offers both Hi-Definition Plasma and Oxyfuel processing services, using our Messer-Hyper Therm torch technology.  LMP can process up to 8.00” thick plate on our 120” x 620” burning table.



Utilizing two brake presses, we offer capacities up to 144” in length and thickness up to 5/8” thick. LMP uses bending equipment providing a maximum bending force of 3000 tonnes. We are equipped with a wide array of dies designed to form parts from the simple to complex.



Our CWB certified welding staff will ensure that we are meeting all your fabrication needs. Thanks to our vertical integration, we have certified welders who are experienced with ferrous metals. The fabrication department will layout and assemble the parts to customer specifications and deliver a finished fabrication on time and on budget. Working with our second location in Cambridge, our welding team will supply the parts required for your project.  Please contact our sales team for ways in which we can help you with your upcoming project!



Drilling, Taping, Chamfering, Countersinking, Beveling, Blanchard Grinding & Powder Coating available upon request.



We have our own dedicated fleet of trucks to meet our customers delivery requirements.

All of our trucks include a quick draw tarp system to keep our customers orders/parts protected while in transport.