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End of an Era: One Chapter is Closed as Another is Opened


Starting today, May 9th, the 2002 vintage Trumpf Laser that has been with Laser Metal Profiles (LMP) will be dismantled and replaced by a 2022 Trumpf laser as of this Friday. When LMP was first established twenty years ago, this was the first laser that was purchased and utilized up until May 6th, 2022. As such, it was the first laser that helped launch LMP into what it is today. In many ways, this vintage laser was the engine of the company in its early days.


Throughout the thousands of hours of service, it provided ample production and ensured that LMP met the deadlines of its customers. The stability of the last two decades meant that this machinery was a part of the ebbs and flows that LMP incurred throughout its years of operation. In so, the growth of the company can be partly attributed to this laser providing a quality output when our customers needed it most.



Considering we are bringing in new machinery in two weeks’ time, this moment is bittersweet for all those that have been a part of the soon-to-be 20-year journey of LMP. For the owner, Carlo, this is moment is especially sentimental. Aside from the production, this laser represented for him and his employees what building a foundation of a small business represents; determination, collaboration, and goal-oriented. In other words, as a collective, this company has bonded together to create a family-oriented environment that began from a single laser machine.


As mentioned earlier, In regard to the new laser to be installed, this 2022 machine will have a much higher wattage and larger cutting area to better serve the needs of our valuable customers. With a large uptick in inches per minute, the manufacturing processes will be completed at a more efficient rate. In turn, we look forward to this new chapter at LMP and can’t wait until the machine is up and running. 


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