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Meet Our LMP Team!

The Dream Team!


As a company, it is important to ensure that we work as a team regardless of the task at hand. We work together ensuring that we have community values and team results. As a part of this week’s blog, it would be our pleasure to introduce you to some of our employees here at LMP!

Carlo Buffone: President of Laser Metal Profiles

Starting in 1987, Carlo enrolled as a student at Conestoga College. He pursued his passion for new technologies, which led him to an interest in Laser cutting equipment. Carlo began working as a CNC Laser operator in his early days after graduating. As a result, this gave Carlo the ability to understand the equipment from an operator, programmer and maintenance perspective. The knowledge and experience he obtained during that time helped him establish Laser Metal Profiles in 2002. He now employs approximately 50 hardworking individuals and manages industry leading servicing in all aspects of profile cutting, forming and welding. Carlo is more than willing to assist you in any inquiries you may have!

Anthony Pella: Sales & Marketing Manager

Anthony has a wealth of experience in the metal industry and extensive sales experience. As a result, he provides our customers with the highest level of service and quality and ensures our customers receive exactly what they are looking for in a fair and timely manner. Anthony’s incredible leadership skills have helped him manage the sales department. He is dedicated in servicing our Customers. Anthony would be more than happy to hear from you if you have any questions or inquiries about an upcoming project!

Dave Braga: Sales Executive


Throughout his 29 years of experience in the steel industry, Dave has honed in on the ability to serve his customers with the utmost quality and service. Most importantly, in a timely and effective manor.  The philosophy of building a long-term relationship goes hand in hand with ensuring that customers of LMP have a welcoming experience when working with Dave. Moreover, the leadership and collaboration qualities of Dave cannot be forgotten. Dave ensures that customers are taken care of by working along side Anthony in the sales department and fellow employees within the company so that customer needs are met. This has enabled the company to grow into what it has become today. 


Mark Costa: Plant Manager


Better known as "Costa", our plant manager is what has helped LMP grow into what it is today. Being someone that leads by example through his 25+ years of experience in the steel industry, he understand what it takes to run a facility that is both efficient and accurate in its production and delivery times. Moreover, Costa is actively involved in each department of the company so that he ensures the daily operations are running smoothly. In doing so, he has a major role in helping LMP reach its present and future goals. 


Dave Ganesh: Quality Manager

Dave has eighteen years of quality management experience. He obtained a Bachelor of Science & Engineering Degree from the University of Toronto. Dave is OEM certified, has extensive ISO experience along with a wealth of supplier experience. He ensures that our product meets the customer quality standards in a timely manner. 

Mia Goulden, Garrett Thomson, Julie Perrin & Reghan Hopper: Administrative Sales Assistants & Customer Service Representatives

These four individuals are integeral to the business operations. As administrative assistants, they enter orders into system relayed from the sales department. Additionally, they take care of answering the phone, organizing files, preparing documents for other departments and supporting customers and suppliers of LMP. Their attention to detail and knowledge of the steel industry is what makes our administrative staff fundamental to the flow of orders being processed on a daily basis. Their hardworking demeanours can be seen throughout their daily tasks. Whether that be the ones mentioned above or through speaking to suppliers and customers, they are always willing to assist with any of your needs!


Programming Department: Jeff Richardson, Navdeep Kumar, Brian Chavez, Serge Potekha


This department is speareheaded by Jeff, the programming supervisor and cordinator. On daily basis, twice a day, he works with the plant manager and laser cutting supervisor, Mohammed, to formulate the schedule so that at the daily meetings everything is in order for each department to follow along with. In regards to programming, Serge, Brian, and Navdeep each have the responsibilty to nest new jobs that come from the sales department onto the existing material on the floor. This system is one of the most integeral parts of the business operation as it is the transfer of autoCAD files from the sales department to their department, and then, the machines on the floor which then turns into the means of production. 


Julie Stuart: Human Resources

Julie is a determined individual who strives to instill that same characteristics within the company. Her seven-year background in recruiting has led her to this position. Julie is responsible for recruiting, screening, interviewing and placing workers. She also handles employee relations, payroll, benefits and training. If you are interested in any job postings that Laser Metal Profiles has posted, please feel free to contact Julie. She is more than happy to help!


We hope you enjoyed getting to know some of our team, stay tuned for future blogs!




The Laser Metal Profiles Team



"Coming together is the beginning, keeping together is a progress, working together is success!"

  -Henry Ford


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LMP Team at 4:13 PM
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Our New Laser has Arrived!

Over the past few weeks, we have been in the midst of setting up our new ten thousand watt Trumpf laser. As a collective, from the dedicated workers running the machines to the sales and programming departments within the company, everybody has been looking forward to the moment when this machine begins operation. 


One of the biggest assets of this new machine is the capabilities. For reference, this machine can cut at ten thousand watts, whereas, our previous machine cut at four thousand watts. With this large increase in cutting speed, we can enhance and continue with our commitment to serving our customers with the best manufacturing service in Southern Ontario. Additionally, this broadens the proficiency of the company as a whole. Ensuring that our fabrication is done accurately and on-time is of the utmost importance for LMP.  Moreover, as we are moving on from a machine with a 60” x 120” cutting area to an area that is 72” x 144”, LMP can supply larger parts and more parts per sheet as the cutting area has increased. With four Fiber machines now operating at our location, we are devoted to ensuring that LMP stays up to date with the leading technology to best serve our customers. 


If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us via our Contact Us page. 



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LMP Team at 4:13 PM
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What is Laser Cutting?

Laser cutting, the foundational aspect of our business processes at Laser Metal Profiles, is a thermal operation that uses a laser beam to pierce and slit raw material in an isolated area. Essentially, the laser powered beam is concentrated on a single point that has a diameter ranging from 0.08 mm – 1 mm depending on the thickness and type of material. At LMP, as seen on our products page, we exclusively cut steel. With this, the laser cutting process can be broken down into an eight step process. 



1. Optics: Focusing the beam 


The laser cutting equipment that operators use at LMP include two important components: the lens and mirror optics. Without these, the machine will cut inaccurately and inefficiently. The focus is achieved through the use of multi-lens optics that measure the focal length and the diameter of the space in-between. Moreover, the mirrors act as a guide for the lens so that it can verify the horizontal coordinates on the grid are correctly located to ensure the cut is done correctly according to the documents provided by the customer.



2. The Laser Beam


The mechanism that is responsible for cutting through the material is known as the laser beam. This is exactly how it sounds; a beam is directed to a localized area that heats up the material to the point where it either evaporates or melts. Once this happens the process of cutting has occurred. Interestingly, the process includes no contact which ensures that the parts that are being cut incur no damage. Considering the beam is guided based upon a program created by our CAD department, LMP ensures accuracy and proficiency.



3. Cutting Gas 


At LMP, our machines use oxygen, nitrogen, and compressed air as the cutting gas. Oxygen or argon gasses are also used for laser cutting machines but the latest technology of these machines use oxygen and nitrogen as the preferred gas types. Another benefit that these gasses have is that they have virtually no reaction to the melted metal which in turn, prevents residue on the customers parts or in the environment. Additionally, the reduction of burrs are often observed in aluminum, stainless steel or mild steel material when being cut with the use of nitrogen gas. 



4. Drag lines 


When laser cutting, there are “drag lines” on the surface of the part. It is known to be a good cut when the lines are thinly and consistently present along the parallel line of the part. Essentially, this pattern is parallel to the cutting head and beam of the laser. An example is provided in the photo below. This can be perfected by ensuring the machine set-up prior to cutting. 



5. Melt


Whenever raw material is cut, as mentioned above, the beam is strong enough to melt the material at the localized point. In other words, the beam emits a certain amount of energy where at its threshold,it will burn right through and oxidize the steel being cut. 



6. The Cutting Point


This part of the process is the most critical for ensuring the parts are cut cleanly and without a great amount of residue. On the laser cutting table, there are coordinates for the cutting head to calibrate to. This streamlines the operations as it allows for the cutting head to get the most precise cut and location. 



7. The Nozzle


The brass nozzle is at the bottom of the cutting head, the closest point to the material on the machine's table. As such, this is an important part of the cutting process because this is where the gas used for cutting and the beam of the laser intersect. Moreover, there are different types and sizes of nozzles. In short, this can include specific shapes that are optimal for cutting speed, edge quality or gas optimization. 



8. The Cutting Direction  


When the cutting head is moved around the X and Y axis during the programmed cutting schedule, a kerf is formed. An important caveat with the counting direction is the laser light that guides the cutting head. If the light is parallel to the cutting direction, a smooth edge will result. If the light is perpendicular to the cutting direction, it will create a burr on the material. The cutting quality is contingent on this aspect. Evidently, the cutting direction must be properly set-up to ensure the most accurate cut possible.   


As described throughout this article, the intricacies of each process in the laser cutting process is equally important so that the machine can function properly. When they all come together, the laser cutting quality and efficiency reaches optimal levels


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Laser cutting as a contact-free slitting process. (2022). TRUMPF. Retrieved May, 2022, from

LMP Team at 7:05 AM
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End of an Era: One Chapter is Closed as Another is Opened


Starting today, May 9th, the 2002 vintage Trumpf Laser that has been with Laser Metal Profiles (LMP) will be dismantled and replaced by a 2022 Trumpf laser as of this Friday. When LMP was first established twenty years ago, this was the first laser that was purchased and utilized up until May 6th, 2022. As such, it was the first laser that helped launch LMP into what it is today. In many ways, this vintage laser was the engine of the company in its early days.


Throughout the thousands of hours of service, it provided ample production and ensured that LMP met the deadlines of its customers. The stability of the last two decades meant that this machinery was a part of the ebbs and flows that LMP incurred throughout its years of operation. In so, the growth of the company can be partly attributed to this laser providing a quality output when our customers needed it most.



Considering we are bringing in new machinery in two weeks’ time, this moment is bittersweet for all those that have been a part of the soon-to-be 20-year journey of LMP. For the owner, Carlo, this is moment is especially sentimental. Aside from the production, this laser represented for him and his employees what building a foundation of a small business represents; determination, collaboration, and goal-oriented. In other words, as a collective, this company has bonded together to create a family-oriented environment that began from a single laser machine.


As mentioned earlier, In regard to the new laser to be installed, this 2022 machine will have a much higher wattage and larger cutting area to better serve the needs of our valuable customers. With a large uptick in inches per minute, the manufacturing processes will be completed at a more efficient rate. In turn, we look forward to this new chapter at LMP and can’t wait until the machine is up and running. 


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LMP Team at 2:29 PM
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Laser Metal Profiles Introduction


    Welcome to Laser Metal Profiles! As this is the inaugural post for the Laser Metal Blog, I would like to introduce the company and where we are presently. 


     Laser Metal Profiles was founded in 2002 with the goal of offering the highest quality parts from laser processed steel. For those outside of the industry, LMP uses laser cutting machines to cut steel into shapes that are only limited by the imagination and primarily for the purpose of the customers needs. We are capable of cutting basic shapes such as rectangles and circles but we are also capable of processing metal into extremely intricate profiles. Our gallery page has some images that showcase our capabailities.


     Getting back to our company, we have been around since 2002 and we have not stopped moving forward. We have expanded to 3 Laser processing centers including 1 Fiber laser which represents the latest laser processing technology.  It has dispensed with the traditional CO2 laser technology and uses diode technology to generate the beam.  But the real innovation is the beam delivery system.  The beam is delivered by using fiber optic cable.  Theoretiaclly, this delivery system does not suffer any degredation in beam intensity for approximately 80 km's.  A laser that has a table length of 80 km's is not practical but that now theoretically makes a laser table size of 120" x 600" possible.  Plywood sized plates may no longer be a limitation as the technology is developed and perfected further.


     As you can see, Laser Metal Profiles is constantly exploring news and better technology to serve the market and become a technology and service leader in the industry.  LMP is constantly planning for the future. Tune into to our website on a regular basis for new blog posts and exciting news regarding future plans and directions for Laser Metal Profiles and its business partners.


Thanks for tuning in and we hope to see you back again!

Until next time,

The Laser Metal Profiles Team

at 9:55 AM
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